Carson Pickett is a Soccer Legend

Orlando Pride defender, Carson Pickett, discusses how having one arm makes her unique and her love for soccer. #NWSL (National Women’s Soccer League). Need someone inspiration? Just watch this video of Carson Pickett. She’s a soccer legend for how she’s able to adjust and play pro soccer even with just one fully functional arm.

I’m a bit shocked that I haven’t seen a Nike Soccer ad about her. Maybe we’ll see one soon. I’m guessing she’s the only pro soccer player, men’s or women’s, who plays with one arm. What’s more, her personality and smile just light up the room and the soccer field. So go watch the Orlando Pride play live or on TV, you’ll not only get to see Alex Morgan play but also Carson Pickett!

It is Pickett’s dream to play for the women’s national team some day, really hope she gets her shot at it. Carson Pickett represents everything beautiful about the beautiful game. See video on Carson Pickett soccer legend.

This is a great article about Pickett and how she learned to play soccer with her Dad growing up:

Locker room talk at the Orlando Pride. Alex Morgan had injured a shoulder during May’s clash with Utah Royals in Salt Lake City. Morgan played through pain but after the final whistle her arm had locked up.

“I can’t wash my hair properly!” Morgan yelled from the showers. “I can’t lift my left arm!”

Carson Pickett, Orlando Pride’s-left back, yelled back: “Welcome to my world”.

The room filled with laughter.

So let’s get this out of the way early. Professional footballer Carson Pickett was born without a left forearm and hand. She is, despite carrying what many would describe as a “disability”, fast establishing credentials as one of the best defenders in the National Women’s Soccer League.

Control what you can control,” says Pickett after a training session a few weeks after that game in Utah. She’s explaining her mental approach to physical challenges and skewed first impressions from people she meets for the first time. “People might not treat you the right way or they may stare at you,” she says. “But the way that you treat people is going to go way further than anything else.”

Read more over at the Guardian.

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