Celtic’s Wonderkid Karamoko Dembele

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Celtic’s Wonderkid Karamoko Dembele

Is Karamoko Dembele going to be a future star in world football? Is Dembele going to star for Celtic in the years to come? Really, at such a young age, he’s just 13, can you already predict how good a player is going to be? It’s tough to say just yet but he plays like he’s ready for top level soccer.

Just look at the videos. Based on some of Dembele’s highlight videos coming out, and his skills on the ball, it sure does some that Celtic have a star in the making. Don’t put too much pressure on the young lad though. Take a look at his soccer skills. Messi or Ronaldo would be impressed. This is Dembele making his debut for Celtic’s U-20 team at 13 years old I believe.


Dembele can play soccer for three different countries, it’s his choice which national team jersey he wants to put on, it could be Scotland, England or the Ivory Coast.

So far, it looks like he’s going to play for England despite playing for Scotish youth national teams. As you can imagine, surely both the Ivory Coast and Scotland will do there best to change his mind. I’d have to say that you best to bet on him playing for England though.

I believe he can still play for Scotland or the Ivory Coast as long as he doesn’t play a senior game with England, where he’d then be tied to England or cap tied as they say.

Also, you can and will see clubs like Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester United and Barcelona try to sign Dembele if it continues to play well for Celitic youth teams. You may even still big clubs in China with loads of money try to bring him over to their league, although that’s highly unlikely.

And while Dembele’s size might be a concern right now, just remember how young he is and that he’s still growing. He will not only get bigger and stronger but faster. Yes, he’s potential is off the charts and a reason why Celtic want to look to play him on the first team soon.

Celtic manager Brendan Rogers said this about Dembele when talking about his potential to play with the senior team:

"But it won’t be long. If he keeps going the way he is going, he could be one of those boys who is in the team at a very young age.

"It’s nice for him. He’s enjoying his football, he gets looked after very well here at Celtic, he and the coaches here have a great trust.

"We hope in the next number of years he could be the next one coming through."

Yes, while he’s still very young, Dembele is the talk of the football world these days.

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