UEFA Champions League Dollars

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UEFA Champions League is not just the biggest and the toughest football competition in the world, it is also the biggest cash cow in the world of football, even more than the FIFA World Cup. This season 2017-18, Europe’s football governing body UEFA, has announced the prize money pool for 2017-18 Champions League season earlier this year, of that estimated gross commercial revenue, the total amount available for distribution to participating clubs will be around €1.318 billion.

Let’s look at how UEFA distributes all those Champions League dollars in the video below.

We take a look at distribution of the revenue. In addition, of the estimated gross amount of €1.318 billion, around 12% will be used to cover organisational or administrative competition-related costs, and 8.5% allocated to solidarity payments.

UEFA distributes the Champions League TV Rights money in two different category: Fixed Amount (€761.9 million) – Which is distributed to all the teams based on their performances.

The group-stage, performance-related and qualification payments combine to make a fixed total of €761.9m Market Pool (€507 million) – Which is distributed according to the proportional value of each television market (it fluctuates due to market forces), represented by the teams taking part in the UEFA Champions League (from the group stage onwards), and are split among the different clusters of clubs competing from the same national association.

UEFA Champions League Market Pool Amount Distribution Season 2017/18 – [€507 million] Five influencing factors determine the exact market-pool payment that a team will be entitled to: Actual final amount of money in the market pool

Actual composition of the 2017/18 UEFA Champions League field Number of clubs from that team’s association These clubs’ respective rankings in the previous season’s domestic championship These clubs’ performances in the forthcoming UEFA Champions League.

Source – http://www.sportsjournal.ae

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