The Champions League Final: Effective Soccer Practices

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If you’re a soccer nut like myself, you’re probably still drooling over the Champions League Final at Wembley last Saturday night. No matter who you were rooting for, it was a game to be remembered. And yes, this Barcelona team might just be the best soccer put together ever – with the best player to ever play the game leading them – the one and only Lionel Messi.

Manchester boss Sir Alex Ferguson praised Barcelona’s 63% possession game with the highest compliment he could pay them. They were the best team Manchester United have ever played. We’d second that and then some. What a performance. Which brings me to my next item.

Earlier in the year we asked our readers what was their biggest problem in coaching soccer. The terms “confused…and completely overwhelmed…” came up often for those that mentioned preparing Soccer Practices.

To help, we released our “Soccer Session Planner Ebook“.

But many wanted more to have effective soccer practices with their teams.

Now I’d like to announce some new additions for preparing effective soccer practices.

1. The Soccer Session Planner Ebook – With Links to Online Drills

The drills in the ebook now contain links to online drills so you can watch the drills.

For those of you with mobile devices, the drills are downloadable in MP4 format. Perfect for reviewing when you need to.

2. Our new Coerver Coaching 5 DVD set “The Session Planner.

Alfred Galustian and I believe this is the most useful product for youth coaches we’ve ever designed.

It provides Coerver Coaching’s Unique 6 Part Session Plan with 5 DVDs each filled with drills, exercises and games for each section. There is also the option to view the DVDs online.

Many of the featured skills are the cuts and twists off the ball skills that Xavi and Inesta use so often and so effectively; and the stops and starts and electrifying changes of direction by the 2011 World Player of the Year and last Saturday night’s Champions League Final scorer with a scorching 20 yard shot, Lionel Messi.

Yes, Coerver Coaching teaches the very skills these great stars use, and your players can learn them too – in less time than you think. Just imagine how parents will feel when they see their children mastering the same techniques the Pros use to win.

In addition, you get our unique Matrix whereby you can easily plan your weekly, monthly or season’s practices in minutes and not the head scratching hours it can take.

3. You can also get an Online Version with the DVD set.

This has everything the above items have.

Finally, this version will offer access to “Coaches Corner” where we answer questions about soccer practices, and provide audio and video tips.

You can learn more about the above at

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