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Clinton Drew “Clint” Dempsey or the “deuce”, was born March 9, 1983 in Nacogdoches, Texas and attended Furman University for three years before being drafted by the 8th by the New England Revolution in 2004. In December 2006, Fulham. gave the MLS a $4 million transfer fee for Dempsey, the largest amount for an MLS player at the time

This section is dedicated to keeping you up to date on Clint Dempsey and his growing sucess at Fulham.  He keeps scoring goals and last season ensured Fulham’s continuation in the top flight of the English Premier League with a goal against Liverpool.  The signs were there as a scored a rocket of a goal in the World Cup against Ghana.  But the question was could he handle the pressure and play with the same creativity in Europe.  Could he take players on and do the unexpected at times, while playing in the EPL?  The Deuce got his chance finally, MLS held out for the right payoff at the expense of Dempsey for some time, and he took full advantage.

Now, ever time I read the soccer news you see Dempsey’s name in the stats for a goal or an assist.  He plays with toughness and a flair.  He is the first American field player, not a keeper, who could be a star in Europe.  He’s teammate, Brian McBride, has scored a ton of goals himself, but Dempsey is a player with a bit of style and more creativity, McBride more a pure goal scorer.

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Don’t Tread On Me Video:

US National Team midfielder Clint Dempsey aka Deuce teams with Houston rappers BIG HAWK and XO in this original production.