Nike Soccer – Close Control Drill – Carlos Tevez

How to you improve your control of the soccer ball? Here’s Carlos Tevez showing you how to control the soccer ball and take people on. It’s from his time playing for Manchester United. Really, if you look at the career of Carlos Tevez, it’s a shame he never had great success playing in the World Cup for Argentina.

But either way, Tevez will go down in soccer history as one of the best forwards to play in the game in a long time. Not only did Tevez have tremendous skills on the soccer ball but he played with a fire and intensity. If you want to model your game after someone who played with a passion then there’s no better soccer player than Carlos Tevez.

The Mission:
Create space
Improve your one-on-one skills
Play yourself out of tight spots

The Ingredients:
1 player
1 soccer ball
10 cones
3 sets