Club Deportivo Chivas USA

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Club Deportivo Chivas USA

Head Coach: Formerly Bob Bradley and now Preki.

Team site:

The official name of Major League Soccer expansion club is Club Deportivo Chivas USA.

‘Chivas’ is the nickname for the Guadalajara-based club which plays in the Mexican soccer league named "Club Deportivo Guadalajara" or "CD Guadalajara". It was at the dawn of CD Guadalajara’s entry into the professional ranks of Mexican soccer that its players were given their nickname, "Chivas," a name which means goat in Spanish and still has survived to this day. Following a 1-0 victory over Tampico in 1948, a reporter, incredulous that the club from Guadalajara had won the match, wrote that the team "plays like hopping goats." The nickname "Chivas" was initially used as an insult by rival fans but eventually the name grew into a symbol for the club and readily accepted and embraced by its fans.

In seeking to preserve the connection to the tradition and history of its Guadalajara roots, the CD Chivas USA logo maintains several features of the CD Guadalajara logo intact, with the most significant difference between the two coming in the name of the club. The logo design, which dates back to 1908, contains the shield of the city of Guadalajara and the traditional uniform colors of the club in Mexico, which were originally selected based on the red and white striped jerseys of the Brussels-based Belgian club for which the founder of the team once played. The CD Chivas USA logo does not incorporate the ten stars of its Guadalajara counterpart, which represent the number of Mexican league championship victories.

"The name, colors and shield of CD Guadalajara have come to represent pride, honor and passion for millions of the club’s fans in Mexico and around the world," said Whit Haskel, CD Chivas USA’s General Manager and Senior Vice President. "Club Deportivo Chivas USA will follow that lead and serve as a source of pride for our fans in the United States as we begin to grow a new tradition and create a spirit of our own in this country. It is only a matter of time before we also begin adding championships and stars to our logo."

Preparations continue for the inaugural season of Club Deportivo Chivas USA in 2005. More information on the club can be found on the team’s official website at or by calling 1-877-CHIVAS-1.

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