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Change of direction, like change of pace, is a key aspect of becoming an expert dribbler in soccer. Soccer players who watch the latest Coerver Coaching video will learn how to use change of direction to improve their game. Coaches will also get ideas about what change of direction drills to use in your training sessions.

Again, change of direction is similar to a change of speed or change of pace. When dribbling the soccer ball, cutting a different way can throw off any good defender. Change of direction or cutting the ball away from a defender and change of pace are two keys to beating a defender on the dribble.

Watch these Coerver soccer drills below. One well known master of both change of pace and change of direction is of course Lionel Messi.

Coerver change of directions skills in soccer will take your game to the next level. Getting a defender to dive in or fall for a change of direction move requires both change of pace and change of direction. Sucker the defender into thinking you’re going one way when you want to go the other. Make the defender think you’re slowing down and then speed up. Change of direction and change of pace go hand in hand as they say.

3 essential soccer tips for change of direction in soccer:

  • You can use a change of direction to shield the ball from a defender
  • You have single moves, double moves and triples which can all be used to protect the ball and send defenders the wrong way
  • Combine change of direction moves with passing. So use a move to create some space to make a good pass to a team mate.
  • Check out this soccer video, on the cut, a move used all the time by Germany and Bayern Munich captain Philipp Lahm.

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