Coerver Kid Luis Shows Off His Amazing Soccer Skills

Coerver skills to pay the bills. Luis, age 9, shows just how technically brilliant you can become with the Coerver Coaching program…here’s some soccer ball mastery at its best! This kid can dance with the soccer ball at his feet. I’d like to see some video of him playing the game though, live intense matches, and see just how well he performs on the soccer pitch with all this skill during a game while under pressure. But see all of his soccer tricks and moves in the video below.

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The key to becoming a skillful soccer player is to spend time with the soccer ball on your own. And challenge yourself by playing against older players who are better than you are. Luis is well on his way to becoming a top level soccer player.

Coerver Kid Luis Shows off his Amazing Soccer Skills.

What is Coerver?

Coerver Coaching was founded in 1984 by Alf Galustian and former Chelsea great Charlie Cooke who were both inspired by the philosophy of legendary Dutch coach Wiel Coerver. Together they developed a program of teaching that was unlike anything else available then or now.

Coerver Coaching is the World’s number one soccer skills teaching method with over one million players, parents and coach participants in 47 countries over the last 35 years.

Join the Coerver Skills Revolution. Focus on technical proficiency and skillful play. Make Ball Mastery the foundation of your game. Use competitive drills and games to develop skillful, spirited players. Encourage players to make their own decisions in the game.

Be realistic about your performance whether you win or lose. See both as a chance to develop. See ‘success’ as a process not a destination. Win or lose show good sportsmanship. Honor the game and and keep developing players with distinctive Coerver skill and spirit.

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Here’s another video of Coerver Luis, just about 30 seconds or so then video goes black. But good to see Luis face off with a defender and sort try to beat him in a way as he shows his moves and skills.