Coerver Kid Luis Shows off his Amazing Soccer Skills

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Coerver Kid Luis Shows off his Amazing Soccer Skills

Luis, age 9, shows just how technically brilliant you can become with the Coerver Coaching program…here’s some soccer ball mastery at its best! This kid can dance with the soccer ball. I’d like to see some video of him playing the game though, see just how well he performs on the soccer pitch with all this skill. But see all of his tricks and moves in the video below. The key to becoming a skillfull soccer player is to spend time with the ball.


Join the Coerver Skills Revolution. Focus on technical proficiency and skillful play. Make Ball Mastery the foundation of your game. Use competitive drills and games to develop skillful, spirited players. Encourage players to make their own decisions in the game.

Be realistic about your performance whether you win or lose. See both as a chance to develop. See ‘success’ as a process not a destination. Win or lose show good sportsmanship. Honor the game and and keep developing players with distinctive Coerver skill and spirit.

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