Coerver Make Your Move DVD Review

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Make Your Move (5 Disc DVD Set) $99.95

This is the best Coerver Coaching DVD for players who want to improve their skills on the soccer ball. Get comfortable on the ball and it will increase your confidence on the field.

Coerver DVDs

Carlos Parreira – former Brazilian National Team head coach – had this to say about the Coerver Coaching method:

“Coerver Coaching is one of the best soccer education programs I have ever seen: this year Alfred came to Brazil, many Brazilian top coaches, including Zico, attended his courses and the reaction was fantastic; Coerver Coaching is a Program we need in Brazil.”

If there’s one Coerver Coaching DVD that every field player should own it’s the Make Your Move DVD set.

Why? Well because this is the DVD that goes through the foundation of what Coerver Coaching and their method is all about, which is mastery of the soccer ball.

In a way, it’s no wonder that a former World Cup winning coach from Brazil, Carlos Parreira, would endorse the Coerver Coaching method, because it’s all about dribbling, touch, moves, feints, and skills done with the soccer ball, just what Brazilian soccer is all about, too.

The Make Your Move DVD runs though a variety of drills and moves that touch on key aspects of the game, from change of direction techniques to feints and deception. But what’s great about this DVD set by Coerver is how it gives players the ball mastery techniques to build off of and gain confidence from. These are skills they will need as they progress as a player.

For any soccer player, who wants to improve, it starts with the ball, and getting more comfortable with the ball, so need the confidence to use all parts of both feet to dribble, pass and shoot when you get to the higher levels of the game. The Make Your Move DVD series helps players develop into soccer players who are confident on the ball and want to take players on.

And this is a unique characteristic that not many players have. A lot of players are tentative, or play very conservatively. They are afraid of making mistakes. This is another key element of Coerver coaching: it’s ok to make mistakes. Moreover, if you don’t make mistakes then you’re not challenging yourself enough and trying new moves, feints or cuts. But players who have a foundation, an ease with the ball at their feet, they’re more willing to cut, feint and dribble past defenders. Coerver gives you that foundation as a soccer player.

However, it’s not about fancy step overs or moves all the time, it’s more about how to position your body, where to have the ball at your foot, and when to take players on. These are all concepts covered in the Coerver DVD series.

Here’s a video of some of what the Make Your Move DVDs offer:

All moves can even be modified for skill level, age and field condition – making the Make Your Move set a program you can come back to, time and again, for continuous improvement!

In addition to the DVDs, you’ll also get one year of free access to the Coerver Coaching Online Library and eBooks!

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