Conan O’Brien Plays Soccer With Gio Dos Santos in Mexico City

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Conan O'Brien Plays Soccer With Gio Dos Santos in Mexico City
Conan playing soccer with LA Galaxy forward Gio Dos Santos? For a second I thought it was Alexi Lalas, you know the pale skin and all, but it turns out it’s Conan O’Brien playing soccer with Giovani Dos Santos in Mexico City. Next time Conan should sneak on  as Alexi to play in his place, perhaps in a big game it would be easier to pull it off. Of course Conan is a member of and the inspiration for the pale force soccer team.

Conan is doing a show in Mexico City and played a pick-up game of soccer where Gio Dos Santos surprised everyone by showing up….check out Conan’s shorts, not sure if they’re made by Nike or adidas or who exactly makes them. Barcelona should have them as their shorts for the away kit. Come on, couldn’t you see Messi or Iniesta wearing them…

Conan hasn’t kicked a soccer ball around since 1974, so he gets an assist from LA Galaxy star and Mexican native, Giovani Dos Santos. Those shorts that Conan is wearing are legendary.

Gio Dos Santos was kind enough to post this picture of him and Conan after their pick up game. Not sure about the Conan being a good soccer player part though…

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