Controlling the Soccer Ball Drill


Controlling the Soccer Ball Drill

Field size: 6 yards by 6 yards area

Number of players: 1 player; individual training

Age range: 10-12

Description: Juggle the ball four or five times and then kick the ball as high as possible up in the air and control it with the top of your foot (the laces) but don’t let it leave the square – the six by six yard space.

Kick the ball up ten to twenty yards into the air after a few juggles, the higher the better, so it’s more difficult to control the ball.

Control the ball ‘out your feet’ but not so far that is leaves the square. That’s the trick, controlling the ball a little bit ahead of yourself but not too far.

Later, switch from controlling the ball with the laces to the inside and outside of both feet. Again, control the ball just a few yards away from you, far enough so it’s easy to make the next pass or take the next dribble, but not so far that a defender can win the ball.

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Equipment needed: Cones and practice vests.

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