Copa America 2007

Someone pointed me to this: I believe you can catch all the games online at Univision

The US is sending a young, basically a second team in a sense, whereas, Argentina is stacked and looks to make a statement–who’s going to deal with Messi, Tevez, Riquelme, Veron…? The US will have to pack it in or endure a lot of gunfire and a 6-0 result.

Brazil is without Kaka and Ronaldinho, although I’m sure a new star with rise up and take on their roles. I belive Robinho will be there. Who, has been playing his slilky smooth style of late, and was the conductor for Real Madrid and their title win in Spain.

Mexico is full of talent and sending a strong team as well. I would like to see Mexico and Argentina play again. Their match in last years World Cup I thought was the best of the tournament. I haven’t seen the groups though, so not sure if they can end up playing one another…