Counter Attacking in Small Sided Game

Counter Attacking in Small Sided Game

Field size: 30 yards by 40 yards; two small goals

Number of players: at least 12 players total to play 6 versus 6 but you can make adjustments and play 5 versus 5 or 4 versus 4

Age range: 12-14

Description: Play six versus six in a small area of the field to little goals (four yards wide) and when one team scores the player who scored has to run a lap around the playing area before he or she can rejoin the game. 

While that player is off the field the other team tries to counter attack and grab a quick goal.  The team that is a man down tries to win the ball and keep possession or delay the other team and contain them until their player has returned. Or, if they win the ball and there’s a chance to score they can go for it and the goal is worth two points since they scored while they were a man down. 

Vary this drill by making one, two, or three players leave the field after a team scores to practice playing against a team that has more players in the attack.  If the counter attacking team scores, then you start over, meaning both team’s return to full strength and the game begins again.

Counter attacking is all about moving the ball quickly to take advantage of a situation where a team is a man short. That means getting the ball forward as quickly as possible but still keeping possession.

Take a look at some counter attack examples from the pros in the videos below:

Equipment needed: Cones and practice vests.

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