Crab Soccer

Crab Soccer

Field size: 20 yards by 20 yards

Number of players: full team

Age range: 6-8

Description: Half the players have soccer balls and are dribbling in a square while the others are on the ground acting like crabs (hands on the ground and chest facing upwards) trying to kick the balls out of the square with their feet.  Players with the ball at their feet focus on dribbling with both feet and avoiding the crabs – keeping the ball close to them so they can cut away from the crabs. 

If a crab kicks the ball away from a player who is dribbling, then they switch places, the dribbler becomes the crab.  Or, you can set it up so players who get their ball knocked out of the square then they become crabs too, so the last person left dribbling the ball wins the game.

Crab soccer is a fun way to get young players introduced to dribbling and playing with other players. It’s also a good warm up game for youngsters who are just getting started in the game.

Crab soccer can also be played where the players with the ball try to dribble from one end of the playing area to the other without getting their balls taken away by one of the crabs, as seen in the video below.

Equipment needed: Cones and practice vests.