Craig Bellamy Will Get In Your Face!

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If there’s one footballer player that loves to get into the face of other players it’s Craig Bellamy.  Clint Dempsey experienced it yesterday when Fulham faced off with Liverpool, but this isn’t the first time The Bellamy Face Off has taken place. Despite his short stature, Bellamy won’t back down from anyone and will get in your face if you do something he doesn’t like. It doesn’t matter how tall or big you are or even if you’re the referee. Who is the next footballer to get the Bellamy face off treatment. I hope Bellamy brushes his teeth regularly for their sake!

I wonder if he does this outside of the game of soccer, say at the grocery store or perhaps when filling up his car with gas if the attendant looks at him the wrong way. I’m also hoping he brushes his teeth and or doesn’t eat too much garlic.

Bellamy & Lampard

The hair dryer technique doesn’t seem to work with Lampard.

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Bellamy & Ryan Shawcross

The arm to the throat is a tactic he uses when he’s finally had enough.

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Bellamy & the Referee

The referee won’t even look at him because he knows it will only incite more rage in Bellamy.

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Bellamy & the Referee Part II

Although sometimes the referee, against his better judgment, will engage the raging Welshmen.

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Bellamy & Rhys Williams

Looks like Bellamy’s Cardiff teammate, just behind him, is more scared than Middlesbourgh’s Williams, who’s actually the one who’s getting screamed at.

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Bellamy & Colin Coates

He’ll even start an argument from the ground if he has to.

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Bellamy & Ashley Cole

Doesn’t even matter if he’s on international duty playing for Wales: he still gets pissed off. Rooney gets in the middle of this one. Bellamy’s face might appear sweet and innocent, like he’s just asking Cole a simple question, but will soon turn to rage.

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Bellamy & Ghost

Finally, Bellamy faces of with an unseen foe off in the distance. It could be the manager. It could be the fans. It could be anyone. It could be everyone in the world.

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