Craig Bellamy Slaps United Fan

Craig Bellamy goes after Manchester United. Some have been calling this a punch and some a slap, looks more like a slap to me. Either way though, it was an unfair and stupid one at that. The fan is being held by three or four security guards and couldn’t even defend himself.

I don’t know why Bellamy is even getting involved in this situation. He scored two marvelous goals in the derby. That’s all he needs to do if he wants to get back at the Manchester United fans.

However, if you look at the pictures, it does look like Bellamy threw a punch. It was also stated in the article that he was trying to defend Carlos Tevez, who the fan was trying to confront the former Manchester United player. So, if he’s sticking up for his teammate, that’s at least a better reason for doing something stupid.

Bellamy Slap – Sky Sports

I have no idea why Bellamy thought he needed to slap the fan. He was already being taken care of by stadium security, but it’s nice to see his coach try to spin this the best he can and stick up for his player. Manchester City coach said Bellamy was acting in self-defense.

“All Craig has done is go over there and tell the guy to get off the pitch,” said Hughes. “Craig wasn’t privy to how much time was left to enable us to get back into the game.

“The guy made an aggressive move towards him and Craig wanted to get him off the pitch. Craig just put a defensive hand out to push him away. You can never be quite sure what is going to happen in those situations.

The Football Association have confirmed that they will look at the incident involving Craig Bellamy and a fan at the end of the Manchester derby on Sunday.

The Greater Manchester police have already stated they are launching an investigation into the matter while the FA are expected to make a decision on Monday or Tuesday at the latest.