Cristiano Ronaldo Highlight Video

Cristiano Ronaldo Highlight Video

Compilation of great moments from the 2005 season, highlights of the Portuguese and Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo. Here’s a great quote from Ronaldo:  ‘I would be very proud if, one day, I’m held in the same esteem as George Best or David Beckham. It’s what I’m working hard towards.’ You might also say that Best or Beckham would be proud to be compared to the likes of Ronaldo in the years to come.

If there’s one thing that’s clear about Ronaldo from a young age, it’s that he’s always trying to get better and he wants to win titles. At first, many thought Ronaldo dribbled too much or did too many tricks, but he refined his game and become one of the greatest soccer players to ever play. 


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A few more quotes from Cristiano Ronaldo:

"Talent without working is nothing."

"Many people look at me and think they know me but they don’t at all. This is the real me. I am a humble person, a feeling person. A person who cares about others, who wants to help others."

"I see myself as the best footballer in the world. If you don’t believe you are the best, then you will never achieve all that you are capable of."

" I’m living a dream I never want to wake up from."

"Lots of young players have triumphed at Manchester United, so why can’t it happen to me? I’m not worried I’m young – it’s an incentive to do the best I can."