Cristiano Ronaldo Back Control/Pass

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Should we call this Cristiano Ronaldo’s skill a back control or a back pass? It’s not a back pass a defender would make to his keeper it’s an actual pass with his back. Or is it really a move or trick? It’s certainly a soccer trick you’d have to say. I like how the crowd reacts after Ronaldo makes the pass with his back. It’s a clever bit of improvisation by the second best soccer / football player in the world. Although has Messi ever used his back to make a pass like this?

Either way, this pass with the back is certainly a tricky play that not too many soccer players can pull off or get away with in a real game. Imagine the defender’s reaction when someone tries to use their back to control the ball or make a pass – they might want to get revenge with a hard tackle the next time the player tries this move.

Watch Cristiano use his back to get around a defender – here it’s certainly a move rather than a pass – maybe you’d call it a “back” pass to yourself:

I wonder if Cristiano Ronaldo saw former Barcelona star Ronaldinho pull this “back pass” off a few years ago.

Here’s Cristiano Ronaldo making a pass with his back versus Barcelona:

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