Cristiano Ronaldo’s Latest Trick

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Cristiano Ronaldo Soccer Trick

Is this why Real Madrid want to sign Cristiano? No, but really, Ronaldo is full of an infinite number of tricks and below his is latest soccer trick with the ball. After a disappointing Euro 2008, as expectations where surely weighing on his shoulders, there’s still no news yet on where he’ll being displaying his array of soccer skills this next season.

Watch Cristiano Ronald’s latest soccer trick below. It’s like a sort of around the world spin move with the inside of one foot. Takes balance and touch and control. It’s a good skill to improve your ability to shield the soccer ball and hold off a defender.

I’m a fan of all sorts of tricks, whether you’re able to use them in a game or not, tricks help develop creativity and lead to you to try things you might not normally attempt. It’s all about building up your confidence, using your imagination and having fun with the soccer ball at your feet. Plus, there’s really no telling where or how a soccer trick might lead to or inspire another move on the field.

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