Cristiano Ronaldo Own Goal

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Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo scored an own goal. And what you heard across the Internet and the Twitter stream today was maybe Cristiano Ronaldo shouldn’t have used so much hair gel and the soccer ball wouldn’t have skimmed off his head and into his own net. The other joke/stat that one commentator made was, “Ronaldo has now scored on every La Liga team.” Including Real Madrid! But what if Cristiano had that new ponytail on top of his had that he’s now sporting for Juventus, it could have prevented this own goal!

Scoring against his own team: that is a stat that no other player, not even Lionel Messi, can say he’s accomplished – fortunately of course that is for Barcelona. The worst part of it was Real Madrid ended up losing 1-0 to Granada. There was no Cristiano Ronaldo saving face goal for Real Madrid to at least tie the game. Own goals and mistakes happen in soccer, even to the very best soccer players in the world.

Yes, even the great CR7 scored an own goal. Take a look.

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