Cristiano Ronaldo Spits at Camera

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Cristiano Ronaldo kind of spits at the camera after losing to Spain. This wasn’t a direct spit at the camera but the message was clear: get out of my face my team/country just lost in the 2010 World Cup. Really, I don’t blame for Ronaldo for being annoyed that the camera is right up in his face after a loss like this.

The message wasn’t exactly the same as his friend Wayne Rooney’s, but similar, both frustrated with how they’d played in the tournament. Spain were too much for Portugal, and Cristiano Ronaldo just didn’t see much of the soccer ball. Again, as has been mentioned before, in the heat of the moment and just after losing to Spain, it’s understandable that players are frustrated, so not sure if Ronaldo was spitting directly at the camera or not.

See for yourself, is Cristiano Ronaldo spitting at the cameraman or not?

I don’t remember seeing Cristiano spitting after losing to Spain in the Nike Write History ad.

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