Cristiano Ronaldo Stumbles

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There was a time when Cristiano Ronaldo did too many moves. Yes, sometimes even Cristiano Ronaldo over does it and tries to do too many soccer tricks and step over moves. Cristiano takes a tumble when he tries to be too clever with the soccer ball. When Ronaldo first started playing for Manchester United he’d often force things and try to beat players when he really didn’t have to. He could have just made a simple pass. He had to learn to play smart and simple at times.

Now, the Real Madrid star saves his soccer tricks and moves for the right times, usually in the attacking third where he can beat a player and score or get off a cross.

It’s good to see Ronaldo during his early development stages at Manchester United. It took some time for Ronaldo to master the game, especially the professional level and fast pace of the English Premier League, which was maybe a bit rougher and faster than Ronaldo had experienced in Portugal. But Cristiano Ronaldo developed into one of the greatest soccer players to ever play the game – and with incredibly fast feet.

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