Star Skills: Cristiano Ronaldo The Chop

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Cristiano Chop Move
If Cristiano Ronaldo has a signature or favorite soccer move it’s either the chop or the step. Lately, it seems like Ronaldo has been doing the chop more than the step over. The chop move is much like a Cruyff turn or cut back but it’s sometimes done on the move. Which makes it an all the more impressive move. And more difficult to pull off. But Ronaldo is a master at it of course.

CR7, otherwise known as Cristiano Ronaldo loves to do the chop move. It’s probably Ronaldo’s signature or favorite soccer move. The Real Madrid and Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo is a master of this neat trick, cutting the soccer ball with his back leg past his opponent before running on to create a goalscoring chance.

This soccer move is called the chop and Ronaldo loves to do it when he sprinting on the dribble and then stops in an instant with this chop move. It’s a great way to change direction and throw off the defender who’s marking you. Take a look.

Here’s a good how to video to learn the chop move that the Real Madrid star loves to do. See if you can master the chop move like Cristiano Ronaldo:

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