Cristiano Ronaldo – Tested to the Limit

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Cristiano Ronaldo – Tested to the Limit

Despite what many people say about Cristiano Ronaldo: that he dives too much, that he’s more worried about his hair, that he’s too arrogant, that he’s not as good as Messi. The truth is, Cristiano is an amazing goal scorer and all around soccer player. And he will certainly go down in history as one of the best soccer players ever.

What’s more, he’s always trying to get better and improve. Yes, even Cristiano Ronaldo wants to get better and stays behind after training to improve on his weaknesses. From Ronaldo’s time at Manchester United to his current run at Real Madrid, he’s always scored goals and especially in big games.

Part 1 Body Strength


Part 2 Mental Ability


Part 3 Technique


Part 4 Skill



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