Johan Cruyff Penalty

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Johan Cruyff Penalty

Instead of striking the ball on goal, Johan Cruyff decides to pass the soccer ball to his teammate Jesper Olsen and get the ball back. A nice give and go or one two in front of the goal. I’d be a bit upset though if I was the other team.

Aren’t they getting shown up? They were already winning by five goals: Ajax 5 Helmond 0. Did really Cruyff need to showoff and score a penalty like this? Well, it’s pretty smooth…take a look. Perhaps there’s more to the story, still impressive to pull this off in a game.


Pires Penalty

Arsenal legends Thierry Henry and Pires try to pull this trick penatly kick off when they played but failed. It takes not only confidence but perfect timing to pull this penalty off.


See Messi and Suarez pull off the trick penalty for Barcelona.

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