The Cruyff Turn

The Cruyff tun: Watch the master, Johan Cruyff, pull off this amazing cut back that has since been called the Cruyff turn, – this is from the 1974 World Cup. See how Cruyff sells the cut back with a wonderful fake cross.

How do you do the Cruyff turn? The key is selling it. Meaning making the defender think you’re going to go there way and then chop or cut the ball back. Another great soccer player who is also a master of the Cruyff turn is Obafemi Martins, who loves to do the Cruyff move. Is there a more well known or famous soccer move than the Cruyff turn? I don’t think so.

Now watch Zidane do a similar cut back turn off a throw from the goalkeeper. A sort of behind the back turn. Amazing skill. So smooth. Zidane touch from French goalkeeper Barthez’s long throw. Legendary play all around. Barthez has complete confidence in Zidane of course to throw the soccer ball out to him like this.

Watch Another Video of the Cruyff Turn

With the inside of the foot, cut the ball back behind your body. For example, when using your right foot to cut the soccer ball back, plant your left foot to the side of the ball and then bring your right foot up to cut the ball back. Do the reverse if you are cutting the ball back with your left foot.

This can often look like a fake shot. Dribbling away from a defender into space, you chop the ball back with the inside of the foot, then dribble off in that opposite direction. Start by dribbling the ball forward and plant your left foot near the ball as your right leg “winds-up” for a big kick or shot. Instead of shooting, however, bring the right foot down and “chop” the ball backwards and underneath your left leg.