Nike CTR 360 Maestri Review

Nike CTR 360 Maestri Review

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There’s nothing like getting a package in the mail or a delivery from FedEx. I wonder if that has anything to do with the popularity of online shopping and Amazon. Everyone likes to get stuff in the mail so they order so much stuff they forget sometimes what to expect and when to expect it – they’re surprised by their own order.

Today, a FedEx truck pulled up to my apartment complex and there was a buzz at the door. What could it be? Turned out it was a beautiful pair of new soccer shoes from the good folks at Nike. Can’t beat that. This wasn’t a complete surprise but I still wasn’t sure exactly when the shoes would arrive.

And I wasn’t disappointed. Nike’s CTR 360 Maestri boots are sharp looking and not over done. The shoe was designed for attacking players and are worn by two of the world’s best offensive players in the game: Cesc Fabregas and Landon Donvoan. If the shoes are good enough for them then they’re good enough for me.

One of the most striking things about the CTR 360 is how light they are. This is due to the new Kanga-Lite synthetic leather that has the properties of natural kangaroo leather without the extra weight.

But the shoe is sturdy too, and gives your foot enough support even though the shoe is light. There’s no need to worry about slipping or sliding either, there are a balanced number of studs on the bottom of the shoe, which makes cutting and turning easier.

Something else that jumps out about the shoes is the control pods on the forefoot and instep. Theses ‘pods’ are made of foam and help deliver excellent first touch, maximum ball control and optimal passing pace.

The shoes aren’t magically though, if you want to play like Donvoan or Fabregas you’ve got to spend time with the ball and practice. There’s not short cut, even with these shoes you’re not going to end up in the EPL or the MLS unless you practice, practice, practice and play in as many soccer games as you can.