Cuauhtemoc Blanco Bunny Hop

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Blanco Bunny Hop

The new signing for the Chicago Fire, the fiery and supremely talented Blanco comes to the MLS and hopefully we’ll see a few bunny hops from the soccer legend. An extraordinary scene from the 1998 World Cup was the “Blanco Bunny Hop,” a move where he holds the ball between his feet and bunny-hopped past defenders.

Take a look at the bunny hop by Blanco…and then give it a try on the soccer pitch. Maybe not in a game though….unless you’re feeling pretty confident. Try the Blanco bunny hop out a few times in training at least….

Signature moves series features the Mexican footballer Cauhtémoc Blanco and his unique skill called Cuauhtemiña, which he introduced to the world by performing twice in a FIFA World Cup match against South Korea in 1998. The move is also known as: Blanco Bounce, Blanco Jump Trick, Blanco Hop and Bunny Hop.

Blanco of course was raised in one of the tougher parts of Mexico – from the BBC:

Brought up in Tepico, the neighborhood of Mexico City dubbed The Bronx because of its obscenely high murder count, Blanco is not easily intimidated.

He revelled in making an America Cali defender “eat dust” despite a perfectly true warning before the encounter that in Colombia you can be killed for speaking out of turn.

And anybody who thinks the Mexican is a one-trick pony after his France 98 party piece, when he beat two South Korean players by jumping through them with the ball between his heels, is mistaken.

The Hunchback, as he is affectionately known for his awkward running style, scored nine of Mexico’s 16 goals in the qualifiers.

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