DeAndre Yedlin Floral Sweat Suit

DeAndre Yedlin is facing off against Manchester United right now, which is quite something for any young soccer player, but this floral sweat suit he was wearing the other day was just amazing.

Yedlin is both the fastest American soccer player in the game today and the most stylish. His hair cuts, his sparkling gold watch, the necklace with his number 22, the floral sweat suit of course, the confidence. It’s all there. Well done Yedlin. He’s earned it. Hope he scores a goal today for Newcastle.

“Wearing a lively floral tracksuit in the height of winter in England’s chilly North East, DeAndre Yedlin is obviously a man who expresses himself freely.”

Call it a tracksuit or sweat suit, either way it’s incredible. Who makes it? Has Nike or Adidas Soccer come out with a new floral tracksuit line? They should. Or at least soccer cleats with a floral pattern.

See the interview with Yedlin in his amazing floral sweat suit here.

Yedlin also thanked Klinsmann for giving him his chance with the U.S. team:

Jurgen Klinsmann was the man who gave Yedlin his chance with the USMNT and brought him to the 2014 World Cup amid much fanfare and then helped push him to Europe afterwards. Yedlin praised Klinsmann for “getting him to where he is today” but understood why he was fired after the poor set of results at the start of 2018 World Cup qualifying which weren’t all his fault because “the name of the game” is the coach getting fired even though he “can’t press a button and make all the players play well during a game.”

A product of the Seattle Sounders Academy and currently the starting right back for EPL team Newcastle United, the stylish Yedlin has already earned 52 caps and is one of the emerging “veterans” of the MNT team at age 25.