Entourage: Is Dennis Hopper Really a Manchester United Fan?

Dennis Hopper puts $1 million on Manchester United in HBO’s Entourage. And he offers to let Vince put $100,000 on the game, money that Vince doesn’t have.

Hopper’s line about Manchester: “Manchester United has the best penalty kick takers in the game.” They flash to the TV screen, where Blackburn’s Brad Friedel saves Ruud Van Nistelrooy’s penalty kick.

Of course you’d think the Hopper and Vince would want to try to make the game more interesting. One thing you can say about Hopper is he’s picked a soccer team with a long winning history.

Over the course of its eight seasons, Entourage had a truly insane array of guest stars, most playing fictional versions of themselves. From recurring characters like Bob Saget to blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearances like Michael Phelps, here’s a supercut of the many, many actors, directors, athletes, and musicians who have rubbed elbows with Vince and the boys.

It’s a quick glimpse, but see if you can catch Dennis Hopper in the video below.

I’m guessing that nowadays there are going to be more examples of soccer in mainstream TV and movies as the popularity continues to grow in the United States for both the men’s and women’s game.

Here’s what current Spanish keeper David de Gea said about playing for a club like Manchester United:

“Being part of such a great club like Manchester United fills you with emotion, and you gradually realize how much the soccer club means to the fans and the people who work here. They really live for the game, so that does become part of you, and you can only appreciate that having spent time here.”