Angel Di Maria Outside of the Foot Cross

Angel Di Maria Outside of the Foot Cross

Watch Angel Di Maria use the outside of his foot to cross the ball while playing for Argentina in a friendly match versus Germany. Not a rabona pass, which Di Maria loves to do, but just as good. He perfectly bends the ball into the feet of Aguero, who scores easily. The newly signed Manchester United player is really playing well these days, and you have to consider him one of the best players in the world right now. Yes, the former Real Madrid winger is up there with Cristiano Ronoaldo, Lionel Messi, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Di Maria is constantly creating scoring chances and scoring goals himself.

Too bad Di Maria was injured for the World Cup final! What do you think, could have Argentina beat Germany in the World Cup final if Di Maria was playing? I think Messi would have had more time and space on the ball if Di Maria had played, which would have changed the game.

It’s strange we don’t hear that much about Di Maria’s injury during the World Cup, it must have been quite serious to keep him out of the final. Although just a thigh injury doesn’t seem that serious. But Argentina surely could have used him in the final, especially when you see him make a cross with the outside of the foot to Aguero:


The question now though is did Manchester United pay too much for Di Angel Maria?

Manchester United gave Real Madrid nearly $98 miillion for the right to have him wear their famed jersey – that’s a lot of money. More than Liverpool paid for Fernando Torres. More than Arsenal paid for Ozil.

While it’s not as much money as Real Madrid paid to sign Gareth Bale, which was almost $140 million. Yes, can you believe it. And then they have to pay his wages! So, maybe Manchester United’s gamble might just pay off in the end, afterall, Bale did help Real Madrid win the Champions League this past year.

It’s too early to say just yet, if Di Maria can help Manchester United with the English Premier league this year then you have to say it’s worth it. But that’s a big ask when you consider how Manchester United have been playing so far and how they really need to strengthen their defense. But, if Di Maria can send in crosses with the ouside of his foot like this one, then there is some hope for Manchester United.