Di Maria Shines in China

Di Maria Shines in China

Di Maria scored off a lovely outside of the foot chip to give Argentina the gold medal. He was one on one with the Nigerian keeper but instead of slotting the ball on the ground he deftly scooped the ball up and over the keeper as he came out to challenge him.

It was both clever and cocky, but Di Maria seems like a self assured and confident footballer even though he’s just 20 years old. He’d scored the winner in the semifinal against the Dutch too.

While everyone knows how the ball is tethered to Messi’s foot and nobody can take it from him, not many were aware of Di Maria’s talents, but he gave the world a look at all of his abilities in the Olympic games in China.

Now there’s news that Jose Mourinho and Inter Milan are seeking his services, although the transfer fee will only increase after his good showing in hot and humid China – two water breaks were taken in the final as temperatures soared. Benfica will hold out now for much more money if they do let Di Maria go.

Di Maria (5 ft 10 in) is tall and lanky, the opposite of Messi (5 ft 6 in), but he too goes at players on the dribble, which no defender wants a player to do. Di Maria surges with energy like Messi, and they both seem to love to play the game and toy with opponents. After he scored the goal in the final, Di Maria trembled his hand in the area, as he new the meaning of the goal, one he won’t forget, and neither will the 100,000 people who watched it live.

Di Maria Rocket Shot

Hammers the ball with his left foot.


Di Maria Goal Against Holland

Again with the outside of the left foot, but instead of a chip, it’s shot on the ground (towards the end of the video).