Did Eduardo Dive?

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Did Eduardo Dive?

Clearly it was dive by Eduardo, but why is he the one all of a sudden to hear so much criticism? Diving has been going on in the game for some time now, and there has to be a clear policy change. Where they maybe even give a red card to the player who dives.

That would send a message to players who dive to stop. Luckily, in the case, the penalty kick that was given was moot, as Celtic was losing and didn’t have any chance of moving on in the Champions League.

Post Game: What Arsene Wenger Had to Say

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has accused Uefa of conducting a “witch-hunt” against his striker Eduardo after it charged the player with diving.

The 26-year-old Croatian faces a two-match ban from European football’s governing body for “deceiving the referee” in order to win a penalty during the Champions League win over Celtic.


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