Diego Forlan’s Shirt Removal Celebration

There’s an art to scoring goals and to celebrating them. Diego Forlan perfects the shirt removal celebration as you can see in the images below. However, he might be giving Matthew McConaughey a run for his money. Forlan’s got his shirt off in nearly every picture you see of him.

Ahead of Uruguay’s game against Portugal in the 2018 Word Cup, we take a look at cult hero Diego Forlán Manchester United career.

We’ve been doing a few of these pictures series type pieces. First, we put together one of Arjen Robben’s goals against Manchester United and then we thought about doing an image series of Gary Neville kissing Paul Scholes, but then decided to skip that one. But it seemed like a good way to take a look at the yellow card earning and ever present shirt removal celebration from start to finish via images.

Unbelievable Diego Forlan Miss 

If there was a guide for how to celebrate a goal by ripping your shirt off, the Atletico Madrid and Uruguayan forward gives you a perfect demonstration. This was a huge goal, so there’s no questioning his passion. A goal that puts Atletico Madrid in the final of the UEFA Europa League Cup.

It was almost a no look Ronaldinho like shot.

Diego Forlan played down his vital contribution. Forlan told Five: ”We needed to score – it doesn’t matter who is going to score.

”It was a really difficult game. We knew they would come after us. They played really well in the first half and they deserved that goal. They got the second goal. We knew we needed to score one goal. And that was it.”

But I think Forlan has done this a few times before. He’s got it down to an art. And I’m guessing he might rip his shirt of if he wins at FIFA World Cup the video game. Or, if you’re playing as Forlan, does the character rip his shirt off like this? If not, EA Sports should fix that.

Sergio Aguero in the background who is heading to Chelsea for $60 million.

It must have felt good for Forlan to score on English soil, after his somewhat unsuccessful and frustrating time at Manchester United. There might have been some old demons lying around that he wanted to exorcise from his soul. He did that with this goal.

And of course, for his biography ‘Uruguayo’, Forlan had to be shirtless on the cover. He’s going to give Matthew McConaughey a run for his money soon if he keeps this up.