What Soccer Shoes Does Dimitar Berbatov Wear?

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What Soccer Shoes Does Dimitar Berbatov Wear?

Dimitar Berbatov

Is he the second coming of Eric Cantona or is he just lazy and expensive?

That was the question many Manchester United fans were asking themselves the past few years. Manchester paid a nearly $50 million dollar transfer fee for his services but he wasn’t scoring goals like he did in the past. However, this year Dimitar Berbatov has been on a tear, scoring six goals in seven matches and then topping it off with this bicycle kick against Liverpool.

Berbatov is perhaps the smoothest player in the world. His languid and teasing style of play is beautiful to watch. It’s as if he’s just tempting defenders to try to take the ball from him, saying, go ahead and try. And when they do he cuts or turns away and they end up looking silly.

But this easy going manner can appear almost too casual. Berbatov isn’t Carlos Tevez, winning over the fans with his hustle and that extra effort. He’s almost an artist on the ball yet as a forward he needs to score. And so if things aren’t going well he’s called lazy and a waste of money.

Now though he’s finding his form again. He’s not just setting up teammates and embarrasing defenders but scoring goals.

This is about the cleats he wears on his feet though, and Berbatov laces up in the adidas Predator X soccer shoes.

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