Dimitar Berbatov T-Shirt Message

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Dimitar Berbatov T-Shirt Message

If there’s one player who can get away with the message on this t-shirt it’s Dimitar Berbatov. After all, he is very calm – almost too calm by some standards – and when the soccer ball is at his foot good things happen. It looks like Berbatov is getting more of the ball while playing for Fulham after leaving Manchester United where he spent a lot of time on the bench the last few years.

What’s more, it’s a message young players should learn: always want the ball at your feet. Sometimes players don’t think they have to ask for the ball, but there are moments in a game when a good player needs to take over and lead his team. The best soccer players in the world demand the soccer ball. They want it at their feet all the time. Keep calm and pass me the ball!


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