Does Lionel Messi Drink Mate?

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Messi Pre-Game Mate
Of course we know Lionel Messi’s teammate and best friend Luis Suarez drinks a lot of mate, since he carries it everywhere he goes, but does Messi also drink herba mate from time to time? Based on this picture it’ pretty clear he does. Yes, Messi drinks mate, especially before games and he just might be addicted to the tea.

Credit to FC Barcelona for the images of Messi drinking his mate before the game.

Messi talks of Suarez leaving Barcelona and not forgetting all the mates they drank together: “We will miss you so much. It was many years, many mates, lunches, dinners … Many things that will never be forgotten, every day together.”

I just wonder how often Messi drinks mate and if it was Suarez who got Messi to start drinking it or was it just something the Argentine had done his whole life. Messi has been on a goal scoring tear lately for Barcelona, since Neymar left the club for PSG.

So I wonder if Messi started drinking more herba mate this La Liga season and that’s partly why he’s scoring so many goals. Sure, it could just be that Messi realizes he has to perform at a higher level since Neymar is gone, but maybe a bit more mate is part of it too.


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