Landon Donovan’s First Goal for Everton

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No more Landycakes, the moniker is dead. Landon Donovan has made it in Europe and scored his first goal to boot. Not that he needed to play or even score in Europe to have a storied career, but it would have been a ‘could have been type of career’. One where many would have said, he could have done more. He should have played in Europe.

That’s all gone now, Donovan has been on a tear in the MLS, with the U.S. national team, and now he’s paying well in the English Premier League for Everton. He’s set to have a fantastic World Cup this summer. Donovan deserves a lot praise for conquering his critics and conquering Europe. He’s got games against the big three yet to come, as Everton play Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool this next month.

What I really like about this goal though, is that Donovan slots it straight on rather than trying to drive it back across the far post. He doesn’t make the shot harder than it has to be. It’s just a solid, smart and professional finish.

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