Landon Donovan Game Winner Versus Algeria

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Landon Donovan Game Winner Versus Algeria

Just simply an amazing goal by Donovan in injury time – at the death as they like to say.

The United States team deserved the goal after hitting the post and having the Clint Dempsey goal incorrectly called back for offsides. The United States finishes top of their group and will play Ghana in the round of 16. Incredible. The team is playing well and could advance much further in the tournament. This goal will be looked back upon for years and years to come as a huge goal for Donvoan and U.S. soccer.


Ian Darke’s call: ‘Howard gratefully claims it. Distribution, brilliant. Landon Donovan. Are things on here for the USA? Can they do it here? Cross! And Dempsey is denied again! AND DONOVAN HAS SCORED! OH, CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?! GO! GO! USA! CERTAINLY THROUGH! OH, IT’S INCREDIBLE! YOU COULD NOT WRITE A SCRIPT LIKE THIS!’

Listen to Andres Cantor call the Landon Donovan goal!

What Donovan said after the match about the goal:

"I’ve been through a lot in the last four years," Donovan said half an hour after the end, crying and his voice cracked. "I’m so glad it culminated this way. When you try to do things the right way, it’s good to get rewarded."

"Clint made a good run in the middle, the ball fell to me … time kind of stopped," Donovan said. "You can’t miss from there."

What’s the goal worth in bonus money for the players? It’s a cool $241,490.86. Not a bad sum….

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