Donovan Helps Everton Beat Chelsea

Landon Donovan was a big reason why Everton beat Chelsea this weekend. Donovan served in a corner that led to a goal and was taken down in the box to earn a penalty, to name just a few things he did in the game for Everton. I wonder if Donovan did his usual smelling salt sniff before the start of the game!

Everton manager David Moyes had this to say about Donovan’s performance against The Blues:

Ancelotti made several tactical changes after the interval but could not stem a vibrant Everton display, in which Saha and Donovan remained to the fore. “That was Landon’s best game for us,” said Moyes. “But I don’t think we’ll be able to keep him when his three-month loan expires unfortunately.”

That’s quite a statement by Moyes, and says a lot considering Donovan had his best game against one, if not the best team in the English Premier League.

Donovan was very active in the game, as he helped earn a corner and then served the corner in to Saha for Everton’s first goal. He then drew a penalty when Ricardo Carvalho brought him down in the box, only to see Saha miss, and he also earned a yellow card. Throughout the game Donovan faced up against Ashley Cole, who he might have to face up against again in the World Cup when the U.S. plays England.

It’s a shame Donovan has to return to the MLS in a month or so, since he’s doing so well. But I don’t think Donovan will make the mistake of leaving, sounds like he’s having too much fun and has hit his stride. He could be making a pile of money by staying and signing with Everton permanently. He makes a million now in the MLS. I’m sure he could double that if he played in the EPL. If Donovan has a solid World Cup, it’s on.

I wonder if Beckham sent him a text congratulating him on the win. I bet you he did. Beckham knows what a big step this is for Donovan since he’s played in the EPL and done all and more than he’s doing now. And I bet you Donovan has a lot more respect for Beckham now, since he knows what it’s like.

This is what Donovan had to say on via Twitter:

I’ve always enjoyed playing at night under the lights and this will be one of the best memories in my career. Goodison was electric and we were fantastic. The loss to Liverpool is long past us now and I can’t wait for Tuesday night against Sporting Lisbon. Thanks to all the Blues supporters for another incredible atmosphere tonight. Sleep well, I know I will.

After the match versus Sporting Lisbon, Donovan will face up against Manchester United. It just keeps getting better and better, maybe Beckham will have a few soccer tips for him when he plays his old team. Really though, what a statement Donovan has made in going over to the English Premier League and having such a big impact in big games against big clubs.