Landon Donovan Interview with Bob Ley

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Landon Donovan Interview with Bob Ley

Donovan touches on a lot of different topics, from Henry’s handball, to instant replay, to the outlook for the U.S. national team in the World Cup, and finally where he will play next year.

One thing he said that was interesting, is that the U.S. team has more respect now in many ways because it has U.S. players in Europe doing well, is he going to be one of those players in the second half of the year? Something else that’s been said by other soccer journalists is that Donovan should wait until after the World Cup to go to Europe.

Which makes sense, why rush, he can stay healthy and comfortable in the U.S. and potentially make even more money if he’s able to play well in the Cup. However, his contract is up with the LA Galaxy, so it sounds like he’s got to make a decision before then.  

There’s no doubt Donovan can play in Europe, it’s just a matter of at what team. Why doesn’t he play at a mid level La Liga or EPL team? Spain might be best, as it’s not as physical as the EPL and he will have a chance to go at defenders on the dribble a bit more.

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