Donovan’s Last Game at Goodison Park

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Donovan says goodbye to Everton and Goodison Park. Aptly, the highlights in the video below are done to the Beatles “Goodbye, Hello”. As it’s still somewhat up in the air as to where Donovan will continued his loan spell with Everton or return to the MLS and the LA Galaxy.

Donovan played his last game for Everton at Goodison Park and promptly got a goal an assist in his brief twenty minutes on the football pitch. I’m hoping he’s able to extend his loan with Everton, but if not, he’s had quite a run in the English Premier League and become a fan favorite at Everton. The fans chanted USA and ‘you should stay’ at he made what was a lap around the field after the game. Donovan doesn’t get enough credit for how hard this was to go play in England over the winter and jump right in and play against some of the top teams in the EPL.

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