Landon Donovan – The Everton Experience

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A look back at Landon Donovan’s 10 week long loan spell with Everton, part I and part II. Donovan has come back from England a new person, and this will do a lot to help the U.S. national team this summer in South Africa for the World Cup. Surely Donovan will go down in U.S. soccer history as one if not the greatest players of all-time.

Donovan played really well for Everton against some of the best teams in the English Premier League. Credit to him for taking on the tough challenge and sort of overcoming a demon in a way and conquering European soccer to an extent. Not easy going on loan to a club during the middle of the season and have to step right in and play.

Part I

Part II

U.S. Soccer also did a cool video piece on Altidore’s time at Hull City.

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