Landon Donovan is the “New Guy” for a Rec Team in a Wells Fargo Ad

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Donovan Wells Fargo Ad
So Landon Donovan didn’t waste any time staying away from the game. Well, he hasn’t returned to professional soccer but recreational soccer in a new ad for Wells Fargo. And Donovan is known as the “New Guy”…and has to pay $40 to play…

I kinda wish that had David Beckham show up and replace Donovan to take a free kick. Probably a bit too expensive though for Wells Fargo to get Beckham to do it.

One thing I don’t think Donovan gets enough credit for is going for to the English Premier League and playing for Everton. He had to jump right in and face off against some of the top teams in the EPL and showed well, scoring goals and creating chances for Everton.

Newly retired LA Galaxy forward Landon Donovan joins a recreational league soccer team and finds the coach doesn’t quite know him despite being the greatest American player of all time. Using Wells Fargo’s SurePay, Landon is able to get his banking done and prepare for the next phase of his career…


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