Douglas Costa Lays Down Behind Wall

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Douglas Costa puts his body on the line – literally! Costa lays down behind the wall to stop and shots if the wall jumps!

I thought this was only done if Messi was going to step up and take a free kick. But it seems more and more soccer teams are doing this when they setup the wall – having one player lie down behind the wall.

Costa is back at FC Bayern München and ready to cause havoc in their opponents’ defenses! But what happens when play switches to the other end and you have to defend a threatening free-kick?

Thomas Müller and his team-mates have developed a very special technique to protect Manuel Neuer’s goal against set pieces! All it requires is a man who’s entirely down to earth! Naturally, Costa will have to adapt to his new defensive duties but we’re sure he’ll be just fine! Can you think of a better way to block a free-kick?

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