Sevilla Defender Lies Down Behind Wall For Messi Free Kick

Soccer players lying down behind the wall! Wait, prior to this Lionel Messi free kick, is there a Sevilla player lying on the ground beneath the wall…? I get it, but it’s still funny. During the Sevilla versus Barcelona match a defender lies down behind the wall when Messi stepped up to take a free kick. So if the wall needs or wants to jump and try to block the Messi free kick he can’t strike the ball under the wall.

But as Sid Lowe mentioned, since there’s a player lying down behind the wall there’s now an open man for Messi to maybe pass the ball to for an open shot.

A picture makes it look easy and positions shift faster than we appreciate but it does feel like innovation could be met by innovation. Space and free men to be able to play a pass for a pretty clear shot at goal?

Must be funny before the match for Sevilla to get together and then designate the player who is going to be lying down behind the wall. Barcelona’s Ronaldinho of course cleverly shot under the wall so it makes sense and all but hilarious still to see. You’ve got to do what you can to try to stop Messi. Soon, when the wall jumps, I bet Messi is going to play a wall pass off the back of the defender under the wall and score a goal.

Soccer players lying down behind wall:

Here’s a better picture of one of the Sevilla players lying down behind the wall to block Messi’s free kick if the wall jumps. Could this laying down behind the wall become a trend in world football? Over in the MLS, Blanco tried to hide behind the wall and block the free kick?