Download Yahoo World Cup Toolbar

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Download Yahoo World Cup Toolbar

Yahoo has changed a lot the past year or so. Seems like they’re getting their game back. And with the World Cup right around the corner, they have a new Toolbar that gives you constant scores, live updates, news, schedules, and gives you the chance to win a jersey for downloading toolbar

What I like best about the World Cup toolbar though is the live news feed, which is a scrolling account of World Cup news for all the teams in the tournament. So you’re aware of what teams are playing friendly matches, how teams are getting ready, or what players are overcoming injuries.

However, this toolbar can be risky, in that if you have to work it might hinder that aspect of your life. Rather than getting some work done, you might find yourself scrolling through numerous articles on the Yahoo toolbar and look up and it’s already lunchtime.

Another cool feature is the scores button, which gives you not just scores but times for upcoming matches – very handy thing to have at the top of your browser. You can also add your Twitter feed, Facebook, or click over to your Yahoo email.

Yahoo also has also some of the best writers covering the World Cup, from Martin Rogers to Brooks Peck, one of the funniest soccer blogs you’ll ever read.

Game on – enjoy the World Cup!

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