DP Mass Exodus

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DP Mass Exodus

All of the DPs (Designated Players) are leaving the MLS, or at least all these big name stars. Thank goodness. The MLS doesn’t need them. Time to use your money wisely, especially in this economy.

No really, with Beckham and Donovan potentially leaving the Galaxy, and Gallardo going to River Plate, there’s a rush to the exits for a number of the best MLS players. Then there’s Sasha Kljestan, who didn’t end up going to Celtic, but will most likely leave the MLS very soon. Even Brian McBride might return to Fulham believe it or not.

What is the MLS going to do with all the money coming their way if all these loans go through? If they use it wisely, buy quality young players who can stay in the league for a while and then get bought up by bigger clubs, they can further enhance the league over time as they bring in more and more money.

Recently, with the purchase of David Beckham, they’ve tried to bring in more money by increasing attendance and selling more jerseys, although there’s an influx of money and attention this way, it’s short lived. Instead, their strategy should be similar to clubs like Houston and New England, both teams that buy quality players that play good soccer. There’s an absence of stars on their teams yet they still win.

Of course, I don’t think the MLS should avoid luring big name players to the MLS, to engage fans and increase attendance, but why not try to build up strong clubs that develop a following rather than over pay for talent past its prime in many cases.

I’m sure if you look at the past history of the MLS, a majority of the big names players they’ve signed weren’t worth the money they paid for the ‘name’. There’s one example that says it all: Denilson. He earned $872,736 for his time with Dallas, actually just 8 games and 1 goal. I don’t know how much exactly Denilson earned for those 8 games, but I’d say it’s too much compared what some of the young MLS players make.

How is the MLS supposed to keep good young talent when they’re paying less than 30K to some players?

True, the MLS have secured two key stars: the Columbus Crew securing the service of Argentine Guillermo Barros Schelotto and Blanco staying with the Chicago Fire. Yet overall, the MLS has always had a hard time figuring out who they want to be, a place for past their prime stars, a place for stars that don’t want to be there, or a place talented young players who will become stars.

One recent signing that stands out is the signing of Darren Huckerby by the San Jose Earthquakes. He perhaps represents the ideal signing, not too old not too young, an experienced player with a huge upside.

I know it’s a difficult process, to build a league in a country that doesn’t have a long history in the game. I like the strategy of buying talented Mexican players who will draw Mexican Americans. I like the idea that young players can learn from stars like Blanco, Beckham, and Schelotto, but they can’t over pay.

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