The Dramatic Look at the Referee

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It happens all the time in a soccer match, players get in the referee’s face and question the call they’re making, but this one takes the cake. This soccer player just can’t believe what in the world the referee is calling – he must be mistaken.

Actually, in this case, the player is saying, “Where’s the yellow card I was clearly taken out from behind? You must give this player at least a yellow. I command you to give him a yellow card!”

Careful though, don’t look into the player’s eyes, you might turn to stone or be hypnotized.

Soccer players versus referees. Crazy moments in the game. Really, the ref should be more respected and protected in many cases. Refs have a very hard job that doesn’t get enough respect in the game. They are best when nobody is talking about them after the game but with so many calls and decisions to make that is not ease to do.

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